to refrigerate a cake overnite-

Tuck a trash bag around the open box and place in refrigerator. Remove the box on the morning of the party. Leave the cake in the wrapped box and allow to come to room temperature so that any excess condensation will be absorbed by the box.     

to freeze a cake-

Wrap the box in a large trash bag and place in freezer. The night before your event, allow cake to thaw overnight in the refrigerator.  The next morning follow directions above.     

traveling with a cake-

Great care is taken in the construction of  your cake. If your creation is to be driven more than 10-15 minutes, you may want to consider a non-tiered cake or bring someone with you to hold the cake. The best place for a cake to travel is on the front passenger floor board with something tucked under it if necessary to make it level. If the temperature is above 70degrees, you will want the have the AC on.     

cutting instructions-

Square and rectangular cake are fairly straightforward to cut, while ruond cakes are slightly more complex.  A serving size should measure 1"x2"x4" for layer cakes and 2"x2"x2" for sheet cakes.  To serve a tiered cake, slide a spatula under the board to move each tier over to a separate plate.   Remove all supports before cutting.